Fighting Fatigue

Are feelings of burn-out, fatigue or general tiredness affecting your daily routine?

There are many common reasons you could be experiencing fatigue. Common reasons include:

  • Poor Sleep
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Poor Diet (Eating a lot of processed foods).
  • Excessive caffeine and/or energy drinks
  • Heightened level of stress

Some of the easiest ways to alleviate general fatigue:

  • Improve (or implement) your daily routine. 
  • Watch what you eat – limit processed carbs and preservatives.
  • Exercise! Start slow if need be and increase your frequency of workouts gradually.
  • Manage your stress with practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness.
  • Limit your distractions – especially “screen time”. 

If changes do not occur, or symptoms worsen, its important to see your  physician to rule out certain conditions such as depression, hypothyroidism and more.


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