Erase frown lines with BOTOX or XEOMIN

Erase frown lines with BOTOX or XEOMIN


Erase frown lines for a more cheerful look (Botox / Xeomin)

Frown lines can be the bane of our existence, making us appear angry or frustrated, even when we are having the best day.

Frown lines can also cause the eyebrows to elevate, indicating a look of surprise.

None of this is ideal, but Botox or Xeomin injections – done properly – can ease this look, making us appear less angry and surprised.

What causes frown lines?

Frown lines are the frown lines are due to procerus and corrugator muscle action of the procerus muscle – the muscle located in the center of the forehead, just above the nose and between the eyes – and the corrugator muscle, which controls the eyebrows.

How do we treat them?

In order to erase unwelcome frown lines, Botox is injected into the procerus and corrugator muscle above the orbicularis oculi muscle and above the eyebrows to help maintain a natural brow look while still creating a more youthful – and less frustrated – appearance.

It’s important to avoid portions of the frontalis muscle, which when injected improperly – such as at Botox parties or when injections are done by an inexperienced person Unlike Dr. Kesa – can negatively impact the eyebrows.

It’s also important to avoid deep injections of the orbicularis oculi muscles.

How do we determine treatment options?

If the forehead muscles play a bigger role in frown lines than the brow muscles, which play the biggest role in facial expressions, then both areas need treatment to create a more relaxed, natural look.

We test whether Botox will be effective by spreading the brow muscles. Those whose skin does not respond well due to thick, oily skin or deep scarring will usually not benefit from Botox, and will need to consider a different treatment.

For women, we use 15  unit of Botox to create a more friendly appearance, while for men, we use 20 units.( Final dose will be decided after being examined by physician)

We are careful to mark the injection points to avoid injecting too close to the brow line, which can have a negative outcome.

In some areas with more muscle mass than anticipated, touch-ups might be needed, which will be determined during follow-up visits.

Static lines may also require additional visits, as these are more difficult to treat. If Botox alone is unsuccessful, then filler may be necessary.

Potential complications

Those who are not skilled in Botox may produce some undesirable results, including:

  • Blepharoptosis, a condition that causes the upper eyelid to droop. The condition is treated with eyedrops, and generally will resolve within six weeks.

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