About Dr. Kesa

Dr. Kesa takes a ‘patient first’ approach to wellness, respecting the privacy of the individual and the uniqueness of every health need. He understands that treatment will vary depending on the patient and takes great pride in caring deeply for every patient. In his spare time, Dr. Kesa enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. His family has called the Midwest home for more than 18 years and continue to enjoy living and taking part in the local community.

Dr. Kesa noticed the need for qualified Obesity Medicine, Anti-aging and Regenerative specialists in his community. Because of this need, Dr. Kesa would begin training in Obesity Medicine via a variety of hospitals across the country. By training in several facilities, Dr. Kesa was better able to learn more on the subject of Obesity Medicine, learning alongside the best specialists in the United States in the process. After successfully finishing his training in Obesity Medicine, Dr. Kesa became certified with the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM).

About Dr. Kesa
About Dr. Kesa

As he began a career in Obesity Medicine, Dr. Kesa soon realized that patients were seeking out Body Contouring and aesthetics to remove excess skin (Skin Tightening) and fat (Fat Removal) from the body and improve the shape of the underlying supporting tissue. Dr. Kesa has addressed this need by providing quality non-surgical procedures that require no downtime. At his medical facility, Dr. Kesa and his team provide a wide range of non-surgical body contouring and aesthetics options to assist individuals in and around the Indianapolis area.

He is trained in Cosmetic, Anti-aging and Regenerative medicine. Dr. Kesa’s overall vision is to provide a one-stop facility for Weight Loss, Body Contouring, Bio Identical Hormones, Sexual Wellness, IV Nutrition, Thread Lifts, Dermal Fillers and other Aesthetic services.

He takes a holistic approach addressing both the physical and emotional needs of the patient. With this in mind he started MD Wellness and Med Spa.


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