Frustrations with Fit: Do You Feel Disproportioned?

Frustrations with Fit: Do You Feel Disproportioned?

What does “losing weight” mean?

For some, it may mean losing 10 lbs and for others, it may mean losing 100 lbs.

For others, it is not a number at all. It instead boils down to feeling good and fitting into their clothes as they did at a previous age/weight. No one wants to replace their whole wardrobe.

Sometimes it’s just about looking proportioned!  Proportion is a common term we hear in our practice. It is a common goal when we treat patients – they simply want to look more proportional without surgery.

Weight loss, wellness and cosmetic goals are very specific to each individual.

For those that are finding frustration in the way their clothes fit, we have a number of options and ways we can address and help!


Frustration with their clothing is one of the most common complaints we hear from our clients. Most of them are career driven women, mothers that are busy and always on the go. They need to present themselves professionally and fit into their clothes flawlessly to attend either business or zoom meetings. 

They may have limited options when it comes to eating healthy, or limited time to work out due to their schedule.

When we treat them, we take all these factors into consideration.

We use a variety of approaches to address this problem : Medications, lifestyle changes, dietary advice, and nonsurgical body contouring all play a role in helping people to lose weight and feel more confident and comfortable in their favorite clothing.

Proportion also plays a role.

For some women, they are pleased in the upper body but for the lower body, they still feel they are heavy, or vice versa. Some of this is genetics, others is the clients perspective. Whatever the reason may be, we have several techniques to help our clients reach new found confidence in their appearance.



All our procedures are non-surgical, painless, and have no downtime! We currently utilize Vanquish, Exilis Elite, Velashape, and Z wave for our client’s body contouring needs.


Reach out to our team for more information or to schedule a free consultation today. (317) 548-4666.



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