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Insulin Resistance : 10 Things to Know

  1. Insulin is an essential hormone for our body. Its primary function is to regulate the sugar in our bloodstream constantly.
  2. Each adult has about 5 quarts of blood. A normal amount of sugar typically dissolved in our bloodstream is ½ to 1 teaspoon TOTAL.
  3. Insulin is the primary hormone that controls blood sugar.
  4. if you eat two plates of spaghetti and two cups of pasta on each plate, you absorb 48 teaspoons of sugar into your blood. A 12-ounce pop is 7.5 teaspoons of sugar. Within 2 hours, the sugar in our blood should be back to ½ to 1 teaspoon. Insulin is the primary hormone that moves the sugar out of the blood into the body’s cells. Extra sugar in the cells is turned into fat, the form of fat called triglycerides.
  5. As we gain weight, the cells don’t want any more sugar and fat, so they become RESISTANT to more sugar coming into the cell. Insulin then becomes less effective. The body compensates for this by putting higher insulin levels into the blood. INSULIN RESISTANCE = HIGH INSULIN LEVELS IN THE BLOODSTREAM. If insulin resistance progresses to the point that blood sugar is not controlled, we have developed type II diabetes.
  6. Blood tests that diagnose insulin resistance include- fasting blood sugar, A1C, Lipid profile and fasting insulin, and fasting leptin.
  7. We use a variety of lifestyle changes, dietary interventions, and medications to treat insulin resistance.
  8. Luckily we have lot more medications today to treat this condition than in the past.
  9. We can use natural supplements also for insulin resistance for anyone who wants to avoid using medications
  10. While treating insulin resistance, we can also help people lose weight!

For more information on treating insulin resistance via our medical weight loss program, please call (317) 548-4666 or reach out to our team at

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