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How To Make (and Keep!) Your New Year Resolutions

We all make new year’s resolutions, but most go unkept. What are the secrets of people who make new year’s resolutions and are somehow able to stick to them?

Check out our tips on how to make realistic resolutions to set you up for a successful 2023!


Prioritize what is the lifestyle change you want to make? Is it to lose weight? work out regularly? Go to sleep earlier?

These goals are often go hand-in-hand, but choosing which to prioritize is key. Once you start working on that particular habit, you can slowly incorporate rest.

Write It Down –  get a journal and start writing down how you plan to stick to these resolutions. – if you are planning to lose weight- write it down – what you plan to cut out of your diet? How often do you plan to do meal prep? How often do you plan to grocery shop? How often do you plan to work out?

Involve family and friends– having support makes all the difference – having a family and friends support network helps with accountability. 

Take small steps- For example, if you plan to lose weight, start with small goals – maybe 0.5 lb/ week. It is easily done if you follow all the changes you wanted to make. Do not try to make huge gains overnight. It is hard and can discourage you.

Improve Your Sleep– good sleep allows you to be rested and allows you to do things that are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Track your progress –  monthly to see how you are doing and make changes based on the results

The changes you already made, make them permanent so you do not go back again

Create reminders at home and work to stick to routine. ex- a note at the work desk reminding you to work out three days a week.

Best Of Luck in 2023!


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