Hair Loss Due to Covid-19

Hair Loss Due to Covid-19

Are you losing hair due to COVID?

A 38-year-old woman whom we see for Weight Loss came to our office extremely distressed. She said she always had thick hair, and it is a point of pride for her! Ever since she recovered from COVID(even though she did not have any severe symptoms), she started having significant hair loss.

The day I saw her in the office, she was in tears and was distraught. One of the things she said was, ”every day I look at myself and always felt lucky to have thick hair. Now with all this hair loss, it is almost I am losing my identity!”

After counseling her and offering some of the non-surgical options we offer, she felt more reassured. We did a combination of PRP Microneedling + Laser Hair Restoration + Hair Creams for natural hair growth.

Since then, she started the treatment program we offered and felt a lot better and saw early treatment results!

Why do we lose hair after COVID?

  • If you are losing hair after COVID: you are not alone. Many people are suffering from it.
  • The reason for hair loss after COVID or any stressful event is changes stress causes to hair follicles.
  • Typically, most hair follicles are in the ANAGEN phase, which is an active growing phase. When we experience COVID, many of these hairs go into the TELOGEN phase, the resting stage.
  • A lot more goes into the catagen phase, which is the shedding phase. So it is a double whammy- we are not growing new hair and losing existing hair!
  • • In many stressful situations, hair loss is a routine happening. Most times, hair grows back. But as COVID is new, we still do not know if the hair loss is temporary after COVID and grows back. Customized hair restoration combinations procedures may help regrow hair naturally.

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