Tips for Holiday Eating

Tips for holiday eating

Almost everyone worries about weight gain during the holiday season – which kicks off with Halloween candy and ends with a New Year’s Eve toast – celebrating with friends and family is more important.

(Yes, holiday weight gain is real. According to a 2016 study from Cornell, U.S. residents gain an average of 1.4 pounds during the holidays, which generally takes five months to lose, the university’s research found.)

However, you can still celebrate – and enjoy your favorite treats – while keeping your weight in check. It’s really all about balance, especially during the holidays, when cookie plates and buttery side dishes are commonplace.

Try the following to help you survive this season without tipping the scale:



• Plan ahead with your colleagues to avoid being exposed to unhealthy foods every day of the week. Either set aside one day a week to enjoy treats, or if foods are already in the office, keep them away from a common area like the coffee station to limit temptation.
• Always plan and take your own food so that you don’t find yourself losing your willpower and succumbing to the less healthy options at work.



• On a daily basis, avoid taking large portions of food, and freeze leftovers right away to prevent grazing.
• Consider donating if you find yourself with too many cookie tins during the holiday season. There are many people in need, and a treat that you are trying to avoid will likely make their holidays a little bit merrier.
• Always eat a healthy breakfast so that you are less tempted simply because you are hungry.
• Don’t skip your workout. You’ll feel better, and knowing that the treat you eat might erase the calorie burn benefits will likely boost your willpower.
• Control your beverage consumption. Certain cocktails – especially eggnog – can ramp up your daily caloric intake fast.


• Choose small plates. This popular trick also works at home during dinner.
• Limit your refills by staying away from the appetizers to prevent grazing.
• Don’t drink too much alcohol. Having a bit of a buzz can make it harder to resist the buffet.
• Choose healthy options such as crudities first so you won’t be as likely to splurge.


If you do overeat at one meal, make your next meal a light option to help mitigate the damage. And if you do find yourself with extra weight that won’t go away, give us a call. We can help restore your figure and teach you how to maintain it for life.

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